2 responses to “Server sotto attacco!”

  1. Da parte mia, lancio immediatamente contro gli autori del ddos il terribile conte Arnau col suo cavallo infernale e i cagnacci satanici. Mo’ so’ cazzi loro.

  2. Dear Antiwar Songs Staff,

    In recent days, I have been actively posting songs and translations to your webpage at antiwarsongs.org. My posts have included five new contributions to Günter Grass’s pamphlet “What must be said”, an English translation on March 12, and two days later translations in Finnish, French, Spanish, and Norwegian. Since these were the first responses to Grass’s poem after the spring of 2012, and – more importantly – as they seem to coincide with the time of the server attack, I just wonder if I managed to poke the bear with my contributions.

    Yours sincerely

    Juha Rämö