One response to “Il 12 Ottobre e il Nazionalismo Spagnolo”

  1. The Catalan question will most certainly not remain the only headache for the Spanish nationalism. Another what-if behind the curtain of history are, of course, the Basques. In his 2000 book The Basque History of the World, Mark Kurlansky writes:

    »The idea that the Basques were in their European mountains, speaking their own indigenous European language, long before the French and the Spanish, is disturbing to French and Spanish nationalists. Unless the Basques can be shown to be from somewhere else, the Spanish and French are transformed into the Moorish role – outside invaders imposing an alien culture. From the sixteenth century on, historians receiving government salaries in Madrid wrote histories that deliberately minimized the possibility of indigenous Basques.«

    No one, of course, wants violence to return, so let’s put our hope in reason and – linguistics.